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Can You See Me

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To my happiness I was contacted the week before last to contribute to a campaign that will be delivered in Thailand. The Can You See Me project sets out to shock viewers into recognising and reporting suspected trafficking. I’ve been invited in on the initial stages to conceptualize and deliver sketches. These drawings will need to capture the essence of detailed scripts which have been produced for planned future filming. The sketches have to provide the emotion, and complicated dynamics of these complex scenarios in a single shot. It is a real rewarding pleasure to be involved in such an important project and to once again work with the ever lovely Christian Elliot. Can You See Me is delivered by A21, an established and powerful charity working to end modern slavery and trafficking. These incredible people work tirelessly to build awareness and even more incredibly to rescue victims. If you don’t already know A21 I strongly encourage you to follow them. You can support their cause here.