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If you have an idea you want to bring to life or a proposal you’d like to discuss, get it touch. Send us a message anytime, we’d love to hear form you. If you prefer you can book in a free initial consultation call, or just as easily sign up to one of our services listed below.

NISCHNASCH is open to all creative challenges. Every project is met with an open mind and original thought, strengthened by skill and experience. Please enjoy a browse of this current portfolio and if you wish to see more you can also visit this retrospective catalogue of selected projects.

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The Cowboy

You need a book cover and fast. You are not looking for anything too elaborate or expensive, but you know what you need. We will tie it down for you with speed and accuracy. Your title will be represented with beautiful typography, professionally set and matched with the perfect colour palette. ~ Consistent, simple, and effective. A print ready file will be delivered, as well as a digital design duplicate with appropriate screen depth.

£200.00Add to cart



The Mobster

You know what you want but you need a pro to finish it off. We will give you a cover no one can refuse. Our high-end design techniques, combined with carefully sourced stock imagery will knock the competition out. ~ A considered approach to design, typography and understanding the author’s aims. A print ready file will be delivered, as well as a digital design duplicate with appropriate screen depth.

£400.00Add to cart



The Assassin

Kill the competition. You have a unique vision. Your bespoke title will be designed with completely original illustration or photography. Professionally executed with the aim of topnotch commercial gold. ~ A high-end cover design that stands out with an informed understanding of the author’s aims. Portraying the title in the best possible light, featuring strengths and ensuring a consistent voice. Print and digital file supplied.

£2,000.00Add to cart



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