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I’m really loving building up Chichi&Lala’s presence through Instagram and Twitter. My daughters offer so much inspiration behind these two characters so it becomes a real joy to produce. At the same time as being inspired by my girls it also gives me a unique space to interact with them, to share ideas views and different perspectives. They might be things we already believe or value or they might be ideas I want to encourage. The possibilities truly are endless.

Chichi eats stars for breakfast. Lala prefers rainbow toast.

The Sky Ahead

I have so many ideas reeling in my mind for continual creations with these two. Eventually I will produce products around them also which has been the long term plan. I hope to be able to share some of these soon. For the current time I continue to build their voice so their growing audience can get to know them.

Social media offers such a rewarding platform to really get a feel for how people respond so I intend to continue to engage and build our audience this way. Here you can see a few of Chichi&Lala’s most recent posts. Enjoy!