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The Digirati logo and wordmark was designed to relflect the bright energy and freedom of highly qualified digital nomads. Sharing various stages of the development here, these versions evolved to encapsulate that zeal while also illustrating  collaboration and connection.

Elements from the chosen design were then carried through the growing identity, with a focus on utilising line as a device to create unique shapes. These interconnecting lines metaphorically represent a broad global network. 



Colour Pallette



Creating a platform to draw in targeted experts and corporations required a perfect balance between professionalism and flexibility. The application process was simplified as much as possible, allowing for profiles to display strengths and details with ease.

Considering the work-life balance that experts aim for, imagery was carefully selected to present exciting possibilites, supported by vibrant colour combinations and illustrative details. The tone of voice aims for a trusted  personalised approach, strengthening the changing landscape of remote opportunities.