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Harley Street Medical Express Clinic

Harley Street Medical Express Clinic required an overall update of all representation for the practice. The project began by first simplifying and updating the logo and from there carried on to online and print material.

Working with the extremely lovely owner, Professor Lingam, it was important to concentrate on appropriately sharing his wealth of knowledge and compassionate approach to care. The clinic’s website needed an overhaul to all the existing copy as well as design, and also a modern approach to programming. Heavy editing and pinpointing crucial information helped to increase the value of the site. The site was also designed as responsive, allowing patients and professionals to access the site from any device with ease. It was extremely important to give credit to their long established presence in Harley Street and also represent their services in a simple informative way.

As with all medical environments there is an endless list of print requirements. Various redesigns and updates of important day to day paperwork within the clinic were necessary. These items included current price lists, forms, prescriptions, letterhead, business cards, company statements, patient guides, and more. Over time, all items were refreshed in order to create a unified and consistent presence.