Honcho Logo Development

Case Study

Honcho is an exclusive recruitment agency aimed at top level talent, assisting and rewarding them along their career goals and successes. The identity design needed to reflect this premium status, attracting the professional elite. The aim was to create a simple and sophisticated look and feel for the brand, attracting high networth individuals.


Working closely with the founders, it was of great important to represent equality. This desire led to the subtle approach of incorporating an equal sign in the ‘H’ representing an absolute balance between genders.

When further developed, in subsequent designs, the symbology was taken farther by having ladder like characteristics. This underlying meaning begins to appear in the patterns created with a nod to the perseverance and determined values on the ladder of success.

Further along the design was simplified – switching to a classic lower case sans serif font style and adding in a descriptive tag line.

Below, this design continues to work on the themes of equality and simplicity, splitting the ‘H’ into two equal halves. As a symbol the design of the ‘H’ is quite strong in its simplicity and message. 


This version adapts further – adding varied tones to create an attractive sense of depth, and rose gold metallic feel. The accompanying symbol is created using a reflective ‘h’ pattern, creating a memorable shape.


This design moves in an elegant direction, with elongated lettering accentuated with attractive curves. While being reminiscent of the sleek Art Deco period of history, this decadence and style suits the luxury level client Honcho represents.

An accompanying symbol, created from combined shapes of the lowercase letter ‘h’, has a Japanese brush feel to it. This is a nod to history as the word ‘Honcho’ is originally derived from the Japanese word for “group leader” hancho, from han, “corps or squad,” and cho, “head or chief.” The interconnected shapes derived from the font could be used very beautifully to create suitable luxury gifts such as the cufflinks shown above.

This design was carried through some colour variations, as well as mock ups as potential landing pages for website designs.


Recalling the wealthy and decadent period of the 1920s to 1940s, this design echos the period with a modern twist. This luxurious style is strong for its rich representation and endless possibilities for pattern and various design elements.


In the end the chosen logo reverted to the simplest form, keeping the tagline – which clearly speaks to the target audience and defines the company aim. Further development, including quidelines, will be shared in a separate post.