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Throughout the years I have periodically worked with Megapower who are busy providing solar carports and electric vehicle charging stations in Barbados. This innovative company is now working on compact lithium ion power upgrades for golf cars. These packs are made locally and give more than twice the range and twice the life expectancy compared to the traditional lead-acid batteries.

The request came in to brand the EZGO TxT 48 Golf Car model to reflect this new venture for the company. Luckily Simon, the Co Founder, let me run with my inspiration. Having developed their original logo I felt in this instance a slight change of the design would work well to represent the lithium power over the usual solar aspect. This was simply achieved by slight colour changes remaining within the original colour palette. Additionally, I truly enjoyed developing an illustrated takeover style that reflects the Megapower magic while representing this specific project. The illustration communicates energy combined with futuristic ideas, tech and endurance. Together this combination conveys the pioneering spirit of the Megapower brand.

Always an absolute pleasure to work with this ever evolving conscientious company, keep an eye on them, it is very much worth your while.