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The Bandaged Place

  • Client

    Justine Corrie

  • Services

    Design, Illustration

Don’t turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That’s where the light enters you.

This beautiful quote by Rumi inspired the illustration and design combination created for Justine Corrie’s Psychotherapy Practice. Justine came to me to create a flyer for her services in Mindfulness-Based Pschotherapy as well as Couples Counselling. The illustration shows free flowing bandages coming towards each other, showing how people try to come together in relationships, wounds and all. These bandages form individual hearts. The hearts cross each other and come together to show how relationships can bring us together. Inside the hearts I added dandelions with floating seeds to illustrate the wishes we bring to our relationships and our personal goals. I wanted to simply show how these ideas or feelings or dreams do not necessarily match. The wishes do cross over and they move into each other, metaphorically interpreting our efforts to share our lives. I feel this is a great representation of the important work Justine offers her clients. Justine works very closely with couples and individuals as she strives to help them achieve the growth and authenticity they are looking for.