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An Unusually Extra Kind of Grey

In a time where it’s especially important to keep the dreamers alive, I am finally publishing Willow Wise.

The bulk of this work was created when Phoenix was two and I have the sweetest video of her critiquing paintings I would paste all over the walls. She’d wake up and stand with her hands folded behind her back intensely staring at the detail. Such a compliment from my tiny first babe. It’s wonderful to be able to see Ariela do the same now as I adapt the work for its release and she delightfully oohs and ahhs at the screen.

I have deep gratitude too many during those initial years when Willow Wise was first born. I’d like to thank the very tangible ways Johnny Morris, David Tuffney, Steve Kol, Chris Greenway and Charlie Carne contributed to keeping the dream on course. The kindness of your actions is long remembered.

I need to point out the reading and obsessive rereading I put my beloved Anne Van through years ago…she has infinite patience and insight. Thank you to my sister Tania who this time around has been under a constant stream of picture proofing…Serena and Phoenix too. Their reactions lift me every time.

To all the many who have often made a point of reminding me to keep it alive by their open loving appreciation of the art within…Natalia and Pete, Tally and Drew, Nicole, Bee, and Paul. Dan …the song you wrote will forever be the perfect sound accompaniment, it still completely gets me.

To those who often let me know they believe in the work, my closest friends, my family. You all inspire me. You will find yourself in the writing. Sometimes quite obviously like tiny bundles as a hairdo…I still remember the first day I saw you in Rome Maria. Or rosebud lips Phoenix 😉. More often many of you will find yourself in the moments, in the meanings you bring to my life. There are too many of you to mention by name without leaving anyone out and so I thank you all deeply. And without going over the top… I really do Thankyou.

There is so much more to come. Welcome to the first booklet of the Willow Wise series: An Unusually Extra Kind of Grey.

I have hesitated to bring this work out because it has deep personal meaning…it is also not the kind of work that is easily fit into any existing niche. But right now everything seems quite lined up. The timing is right. I post this with the message that there will always be injustice in the world and there will always be dreams. Always keep the door of imagination open you never know where it can lead. I invite you into this dystopian fairytale where little is as it seems and I am excited. #believe #willowwisewisdom #nischbook