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Willow Wise Collection

It feels pretty wonderful to share this today. I feel at peace to finally release this body of work in this way.
The challenges along the path have made it all the more satisfying to reach this stage. I have brought in some elements to complete the set in ways I had not been able to incorporate before. Inspired by my favourite childhood Austrian books…I’ve captured their tiny magic feeling and blended this into Willow Wise. It wasn’t until I was forced into rethinking the project that I was led back to this format I’ve so long adored. I have created these by hand with a vision of sustainability and personal touch.

I thought the beauty of their smallness would be nicely accented by these beautiful vintage magnifying glasses imported from India. They bring me back to days in the fields as a kid and yet give me the feeling of antique aged history. Looking back and looking forward while closing in on the now. I think it will add a special magic for the details.

The key is a strong metaphor in the story and this particular style is close to our hearts. During our incredible summer journey the girls and I found these beautiful dark intricate keys in a market in San Remo. We each chose one unique to ourselves as our keepsake. They have connection and meaning to us now. I searched and found an assortment that matches ~ they are the perfect fit to be given with this art work ~ individually and intuitely chosen before we package and send the complete set of 11 Willow Wise books.

Willow Wise is a dystopian tale of a girl named Mahogany who sits under an imagined willow tree. She lives in a concrete world of grey and she talks to pigeons. She’s a misfit. She’s magical. This is no ordinary story, it is not niche. It is not perfection. It is raw and rough and poetic and pretty. It is a bridge between fantasy and reality, designed to invade your heart and linger in your mind. Soul travels through the lines and urges you to dream, to believe, to let go, to love. While not always knowing which way to travel, or whom to trust, this is a fairytale spun from the fabric of true life and woven into wisdom.

Finally in #print. Released.
I feel like a kid. Truly. #happiness