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Perfect Stillness

Earlier this year I was once again admiring some beautiful shots of the Fairy Pools, in Skye. I proclaimed that we “must” go there, a written wish. A tweet to be exact. At the time there was no opportunity to magic that wish into real. And then, in August, a window of time and opportunity opened up and we took it.

We were blessed with incredible clear summer skies and our awesome tour guide, Stuart from Misty Isle Tours. When we reached the foot of the Black Cuillin mountain range near Glenbrittle ,where the pools reside we had already seen so much beauty it was overwhelming to the senses. And then we set out for the goal that set this trip in motion. Phoenix, Ariela and I hiked over three hours, completely losing track of time. The view is very much so the picturesque fairy tale the popular travel photos promise. I really do think I should write my desires down more often. If there is even the slightest possibility that my tweets have magical powers I need to keep it up. In all seriousness, what a spectacular trip.

This image is taken from a moment on the path in which we stood in perfect stillness. Connected.



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