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I meant to add this ages ago, and coming across the pictures tonight I decided to do it today.

Halloween has always been my favourite of the standard annual celebrations. My whole family seems to feel that way, it was always such a creative fun time. I’ve carried the tradition on. This past year I took Phoenix to Comic Con as our Halloween event, the first year of her thirteen without the regular trick or treating. Huge convention, you need days to absorb it all. We’ve always gone full blown costume every year together, so this year Phoenix inspired me to go as Poison Ivy, it was a fun choice for sure. Phoenix’s costume was amazing, she perfected her makeup and pulled off Harley Quinn with absolute style. We brought her best friend Elisabeth along too who made a fabulous Black Canary. I can’t actually believe how fast Phoenix is growing up. As much as Comic Con was absolutely great fun I also found myself truly missing the days of holding her hand as she sweetly walked door to door.

My daughter is stunning. #harleyquinn #halloween #comiccon

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Ready. #comiccon 😈👹👺👿

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Elizabeth is the Black Canary. #halloween #comiccon

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Ariela is still so small that we haven’t taken her trick or treating yet and instead I had promised myself to make her a monster for Halloween. I’m so glad I did. She helped every step of the way. Helping with placement as I laid out the pieces. It was adorable. And by the time it was finished the whole family was involved. Phoenix was chasing Ariela with the monster and the mixture of screams, squeals and giggling was hilarious. Ariela spontaneously called out Boo at some point and monster’s name was then instantly unanimously agreed.

Good times.

The beginning vs arrival. #monster #boo

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The monster is made. #happiness

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