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Dear Traveller

I am preparing what I can to help a stand out group who have noble aims. They are fighting against the odds to deliver necessities and ultimately warmth to the most vulnerable people following the dismantling of the “Jungle” in Calais. I wish I could accompany them on their journey and as I can not I am sharing this link for their GoFundMe page. They certainly deserve all the support that may come their way. I’ve been deep in thought all week and decided to write a letter to whomever might receive the modest belongings we send in the hope of helping. I want to share it here because it tells the world what I feel about all of this. It tells those suffering what I think of them while I simultaneously fear they may never hear. But I want my voice to be loud on where I stand.

Dear Traveller,

I wish I could speak your native language and apologise that I only have English to communicate with you. I hope someone can translate this from the heart it is written with. I want you to know that it kills me every day that I cannot stop what is happening to you and your homeland. I am in a sort of shock with the world state and all the tragedy in it. I’m even more completely unable to understand how regular life carries on while this suffering continues.

I am giving you this backpack filled with as many coats as I could find in my house to give. I wish so much that I had more. I do want to tell you something though, that I hope might make you smile. This bag is beloved to me. I am lucky to say that I have travelled a lot, even as a small child, but I want to stress that this trusty bag was with me on some of the most groundbreaking magical trips of my life. Trips that were filled with true love, adventure, and the discovery of lifelong friendships. I thought I’d never let it go. When I heard that good backpacks were needed because you are being kicked out of the “Jungle” I thought it’s time. Not only because my heart consistently breaks by your plight, but it’s one thing that I can do! Again, I wish I had the kind of resources that could transform this situation but while I don’t yet have the means, I do have the wish, the pure absolute praying wish for peace in your life. I hope this backpack that served me so well will carry on its magic and lead you somewhere that will be a safe haven of tranquillity and freedom. I want you to know that love comes from all over the world to you, I think so many people feel the same way I do…they feel helpless. How do we solve what is happening? Many people are trying, many of us want nothing more than to see you safe.

Use your youth against the cruelty of this world, use the strength of spirit that enabled you to escape war and come this far. Use your age against the ignorance of others that might come up against you, you have a wisdom few others know. Don’t ever let anyone destroy the confidence that should fill your every breath. You should not be labelled as a migrant or a refugee, you should not suffer the questioning or the judgement of others for even one second. You are a survivor, a traveller. You should be awarded medals of bravery, the gold star of courage is yours.

Bless you forever.

 With Love and Respect,
Natascha, and more love to you from my girls Phoenix and Ariela.




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