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Phoenix has a growing interest in fashion. She has a natural flair for it also so it was a real bonus to discover the Vogue Festival this year. The talks were mostly sold out by the time we were on board so we missed out on that this year, but the buzz in the festival was exciting enough. We indulged in having our nails finely painted by the lovely ladies representing Vinylux and just embraced and enjoyed the glam in the atmosphere.

We also managed to see what the paparazzi and people do when the Kardashian clan appears. It would make for an interesting study on crowd psychology. As a guest of the talks, Kim was present and I loved that Kanye came to support her announced. I admire the way they show their love, it’s super supportive. As for the crowd hysteria, wow. People watching at its most bizarre I tell you. Their driver, with his pure east London accent and cracking wit, was also pure entertainment.




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