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Mischief Maker

This time is so precious and short, these youngest years our children share with us. It’s so important to recognise the moments when they are there in front of us kicking up the dirt.

I captured this shot in the backyard one of my best friends on a rare sunny London day. We were indulging in the clear skies to the fullest, taking a little time out from hectic schedules just to relax a little. Ariela didn’t hesitate to make the most of the yard, quickly getting her hands stuck in the dirt. We both looked on with beaming smiles enjoying her carefree gardening technique.

As both my friend and I are the mothers of older teenage daughters we reflected on just how quickly this time passed by. Our first born already beyond discovering all the bugs under the rocks. Makes me want to conjure up some new teenage equivalent experience. Perhaps it’s time to get a hold of some dirtbikes and ride like the wind!



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