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Robotics and Art

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get these post apocalyptic type ideas about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. I mean hand in hand they could take over the world. Stephen Hawking has shared his thoughts on the topic, as far as AI goes, which makes it all the more unsettling.

This summer at the V&A they have an installation, Elytra, that brings this thought a little closer to reality. There is a robot present that is creating an art piece. When we were visiting the robot was at rest, motionless, and I was skeptical. I must return to see it in action, there is a list of times. It is truly a remarkable installation by architects and engineers inspired by the shells of beetles. The work is beautiful and hugely thought provoking.

Let’s just hope the robots of the future have a continued taste for art and a heart for the world rather than a desire to rule it. Who knows they might make a better job of it considering humans certainly need to work on getting things right.



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